Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design

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Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design

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Författare: Elvin Karana; Owain Pedgley; Valentina Rognoli
E-bok ISBN: 9780080993768
ISBN: 9780080993591
Språk: English
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Utgivningsår: 2013

There currently exists an abundance of materials selection advice for designers, mostly suited to solving technical product requirements. In contrast, a stark gap can be found in current literature that articulates the very real personal, social, cultural and economic connections between materials and product design. In Materials Experience: Contemporary Issues Connecting Materials and Product Design,  twenty four of the leading academicians and professional designers have come together for the first time to offer their expertise and insights on a number of topics common to materials and product design. The result is a very readable and varied panorama on the world of materials and product design as it currently stands.

  • Contributions by many of the most prominent materials experts and designers in the field today, with a foreword by Mike Ashby.
  • The book is organized into 4 main themes: sustainability, user interaction, technology and selection.
  • Between chapters, you will find the results of interviews conducted with internationally known designers. These ‘designer perspectives’ will provide a ‘time out’ from the academic articles, with emphasis placed on fascinating insights, product examples and visuals.