Ecology: The Economy of Nature

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Ecology: The Economy of Nature

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Författare: Robert Ricklefs; Rick Relyea
E-bok ISBN: 9781319188979
ISBN: 9781319188979
Språk: English
Upplaga: 8

Now in its eighth edition, this landmark textbook has helped to define introductory ecology courses for over four decades. With a dramatic transformation from previous editions, this text helps lecturers embrace the challenges and opportunities of teaching ecology in a contemporary lecture hall.  The text maintains its signature evolutionary perspective and emphasis on the quantitative aspects of the field, but it has been completely rewritten for today’s undergraduates. Modernised in a new streamlined format, from 27 to 23 chapters, it is manageable now for a one-term course. Chapters are organised around four to six key concepts that are repeated as major headings and repeated again in streamlined summaries. Ecology: The Economy of Nature is available with SaplingPlus. An online solution that combines an e-book of the text, Ricklefs' powerful multimedia resources, and the robust problem bank of Sapling Learning. Every problem entered by a student will be answered with targeted feedback, allowing your students to learn with every question they answer.