Your Career: How to Make it Happen

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Your Career: How to Make it Happen

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Författare: Lisa Owens; Crystal Kadakia; Lauri Harwood
E-bok ISBN: 9780357361443
ISBN: 9780357361351
Språk: English
Upplaga: 10

Moving you from ""job seeker"" to ""job finder"", Owens/Kadakia's bestselling YOUR CAREER: HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, 10th edition, equips you with the tips, tools and step-by-step instructions to land an ideal job now and at every stage of your career. Marketing yourself to prospective employers can be overwhelming, so the authors break it down into small chunks that build your skills -- and confidence -- one chapter at a time. Real-life stories help you relate to chapter content, while clear instructions guide you through self-assessment, employer research, networking, resume writing, successful interviewing and more. Helping you build a strong foundation for current and future job searches, YOUR CAREER gives you the tools to stand out as a strong candidate for jobs, gain a competitive advantage in the workplace and reach your career potential.
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