The Oxford Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Oxford University Press Academic UK

The Oxford Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, or What You Will

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Författare: William Shakespeare
E-bok ISBN: 9780191568459
ISBN: 9780198123668
Språk: English
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Twelfth Night is one of the most popular of Shakespeare's plays in the modern theatre, and this edition places particular emphasis on its theatrical qualities throughout. The introduction analyses the many views of love in the play, and the juxtaposition of happiness and melancholy used to dramatize them. The presentation of the text has been re-thought in theatrical terms, and the exceptionally full an detailed commentary pays close attention to the often difficult language. The play's contrastig moods are emphasized by the use of music, which plays an important role in Twelfth Night; James Walker has re-edited the existing music from the original sources, and where none exist has composed settings compatible in style with the surviving originals, so that this edition offers material for all the music required in a performance, the only modern edition to do so. The edition will be invaluable to actors, directors, and students at all levels.