Social Cognition: An Integrated Introduction

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Social Cognition: An Integrated Introduction

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Författare: Martha Augoustinos; Iain Walker; Ngaire Donaghue
E-bok ISBN: 9781446297261
ISBN: 9781446210529
Språk: English
Upplaga: 3

The Third Edition of this much celebrated textbook continues to focus on the four major and influential perspectives in contemporary social psychology - social cognition, social identity, social representations, and discursive psychology. A foundational chapter presenting an account of these perspectives is then followed by topic-based chapters from the point of view of each perspective in turn, discussing commonalities and divergences across each of them. Key Features of the Third Edition: - Now includes coverage of the social neuroscience paradigm and research on implicit social cognition - Updated pedagogical features and visual material - An extended conclusion covers the ways in which the different approaches of the field intersect as well as a general discussion of the direction in which the field is moving. Social Cognition: An Integrated Introduction is an integrative, holistic textbook that will enhance the reader's understanding of social cognition and of each of the topical issues considered. It remains a key textbook for psychology students, particularly those on courses in social psychology and social cognition.