Sensation and Perception

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Sensation and Perception

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Författare: E. Bruce Goldstein; Laura Cacciamani
E-bok ISBN: 9780357446591
ISBN: 9780357446478
Språk: English
Upplaga: 11

Packed with captivating examples and visuals that bring chapter concepts to life, Goldstein/Cacciamani's SENSATION AND PERCEPTION, 11e equips you with a thorough understanding of perceptual research and how the results of this research relate to everyday experiences. The authors take you on an intriguing journey through the senses with both clarity and thoroughness, drawing from their extensive classroom experience and innovative research to create a visual, colorful text. Reflecting the latest developments from the field, the 11th edition has been thoroughly updated throughout with cutting-edge research. In addition, approximately 85 new full-color figures help deepen your understanding of key concepts.
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