Reverse Osmosis

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Reverse Osmosis

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Författare: Fauzi Ismail; Kailash Chandra Khulbe; Takeshi Matsuura
E-bok ISBN: 9780128115398
ISBN: 9780128114681
Språk: English
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Utgivningsår: 2018

Reverse Osmosis starts with an overview of the historic development of the RO membrane, the RO process, and its effect on other membrane separation processes. Other chapters cover the development of nanocomposites of TFC membranes and modern membrane characterization techniques, such as TEM, AFM and PALS, the RO membrane transport model, and RO membrane fouling. The book also describes, in detail, experimental methods for setting up RO experiments, RO membrane modules, RO membrane systems, and desalination and water treatment by RO. Applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, petroleum and petrochemical industries are also summarized.

Other sections cover the development of RO membranes with high thermal and chemical stability, attempts to develop polymeric or inorganic membranes, and hybrid processes where RO is combined with forward osmosis (FO) or membrane distillation (MD).

  • Written by renowned experts in the field who have complementary expertise
  • Provides an in-depth discussion of reverse osmosis transport based on nano-level membrane structure
  • Comprehensively reviews recent progresses in novel reverse osmosis membrane development