Readings About The Social Animal

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Readings About The Social Animal

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Författare: Joshua Aronson; Elliot Aronson
E-bok ISBN: 9781319356590
ISBN: 9781319356590
Språk: English
Upplaga: 12

Exploring the key ideas in social psychology, this collection of classic and contemporary readings includes accounts of specific experimental findings as well as more general articles summarizing studies on such topics as attraction, prejudice, and aggression.  The new edition adds 15 new readings while retaining a number of classics by leading psychological thinkers such as Stanley Milgram on obedience and Solomon Asch on conformity. Readings makes the perfect companion for the Aronson's highly praised book, The Social Animal as it follows the same major themes. The Reader can also be used with any introductory social psychology text or even in lieu of a text. Using both The Social Animal textbook and the reader is a unique and engaging combination for understanding social psychology and its research.