Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics, SI Edition

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Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics, SI Edition

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Författare: John R. Reisel
E-bok ISBN: 9780357111970
ISBN: 9780357111796
Språk: English
Upplaga: 2

Master the fundamentals of thermodynamics and learn how to apply these skills in engineering practice today with Reisel's PRINCIPLES OF ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS, SI, 2nd Edition. This edition's informal writing style helps make abstract concepts easier to understand. In addition to mastering fundamental principles and applications, you explore the impact of different system parameters on the performance of devices and processes. For example, you study how changing outlet pressure in a turbine changes the power produced or how the power requirement of a compressor varies with inlet temperature. This unique approach strengthens your understanding of how different components of thermodynamics interrelate, while demonstrating how you will use thermodynamics in your engineering career. You also learn to develop computer-based models of devices, processes and cycles as well as practice using internet-based programs and computer apps to find thermodynamic data, exactly like today's practicing engineers.
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