Practical JSF in Java EE 8

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Practical JSF in Java EE 8

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Författare: Michael Müller
E-bok ISBN: 9781484230305
ISBN: 9781484230299
Språk: English
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Master the Java EE 8 and JSF (JavaServer Faces) APIs and web framework with this practical, projects-driven guide to web development. This book combines theoretical background with a practical approach by building four real-world applications. By developing these JSF web applications, you'll take a tour through the other Java EE technologies such as JPA, CDI, Security, WebSockets, and more. In Practical JSF in Java EE 8, you will learn to use the JavaServer Faces web framework in Java EE 8 to easily construct a web-based user interface from a set of reusable components. Next, you add JSF event handling and then link to a database, persist data, and add security and the other bells and whistles that the Java EE 8 platform has to offer. After reading this book you will have a good foundation in Java-based web development and will have increased your proficiency in sophisticated Java EE 8 web development using the JSF framework. What You Will Learn Use the Java EE 8 and the JavaServer Faces APIs to build Java-based web applications through four practical real-world case studies Process user input with JSF and the expression language by building a calculator application Persist data using JSF templating and Java Persistence to manage an inventory of books Create and manage an alumni database using JSF, Ajax, web services and Java EE 8's security features.  Who This Book Is For Those new to Java EE 8 and JSF. Some prior experience with Java is recommended.