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Författare: Francis Webster
E-bok ISBN: 9780128104521
ISBN: 9781891127649
Språk: English
Upplaga: 2
Utgivningsår: 2016

For the first major update of this topic in 21 years, editors Webster and Wood have gathered an elite group of internationally recognized experts. This new edition addresses all aspects of oat chemistry, processing, nutrition, and plant genetics. It reflects the considerable changes in the science and food uses of oats that have occurred during the last two decades.

Each chapter presents an in-depth review of a specific research area complete with an extensive bibliography. The book provides an important summary of oat nutritional research and associated health claims that have been granted in recognition of the nutritional benefits associated with oat consumption. The individual chapters on component chemistry and functionality provide an excellent resource for product developers in their quest to design new, healthy, oat-based food products. The chapters on oat molecular biology and oat breeding coupled with the extensive works on oat nutrition provide direction to researchers interested in developing oats with enhanced nutrition.

Oats: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition, is the only up-to-date review of oat chemistry and technology and will be a valuable resource for food science professionals including nutritionists, cereal chemists, plant biochemists, plant breeders, molecular biologists, grain millers, and product development and research scientists.

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Covers all areas of oat technology - Single source provides in-depth review of all aspects of oat technology. Provides an excellent source of oat nutritional information - Includes details of oat nutritional studies and potential health claims with a special emphasis on ß-glucans. Offers authoritative descriptions of oat composition and functional properties - Provides researchers and food scientists with key chemical and application information. Highlights oat improvement opportunities - Breeding and molecular information provides researchers direction on oat improvement opportunities. Updates our knowledge of oat-processing technology - Provides in-depth discussion of oat milling and oat fractionation. Demystifies oat phenolics - Provides a peer-reviewed, in-depth discussion of oat phenolic chemistry and functional attributes.