Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step

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Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step

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Författare: John Sharp
E-bok ISBN: 9780134850757
ISBN: 9781509307760
Språk: English
Upplaga: 9

Your hands-on guide to Microsoft Visual C# fundamentals with Visual Studio 2017 Expand your expertise--and teach yourself the fundamentals of programming with the latest version of Visual C# with Visual Studio 2017. If you are an experienced software developer, you’ll get all the guidance, exercises, and code you need to start building responsive, scalable, cloud-connected applications that can run almost anywhere. . Discover how to: Quickly start creating Visual C# code and projects with Visual Studio 2017  Work with variables, operators, expressions, methods, and program flow  Build more robust apps with error, exception, and resource management  Spot problems fast with the Visual Studio debugger  Make the most of improvements to C# methods, parameters, and switch statements  Master the C# object model, and create your own functional data structures  Leverage advanced properties, indexers, generics, and collection classes  Create Windows 10 apps that share data, collaborate, and use cloud services  Integrate Cortana to voice-enable your applications  Perform complex queries over object collections with LINQ  Improve application throughput and response time with asynchronous methods  Use delegates and decoupling to construct highly extensible systems  Customize C# operator behavior over your own classes and structures  Streamline development with app templates  Implement the powerful Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern  Develop cloud-connected applications that seamlessly follow users across devices  Build UWP applications that retrieve complex data via REST and present it intuitively