Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks

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Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks

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Författare: Meenakshi Gigi Durham; Douglas M. Kellner
E-bok ISBN: 9781405150309
ISBN: 9781405132589
Språk: English
Upplaga: 1
Utgivningsår: 2009

Bringing together a range of core texts into one volume, this acclaimed anthology offers the definitive resource in culture, media, and communication.

  • A fully revised new edition of the bestselling anthology in this dynamic and multidisciplinary field
  • New contributions include essays from Althusser through to Henry Jenkins, and a completely new section on Globalization and Social Movements
  • Retains important emphasis on the giant thinkers and “makers” of the field: Gramsci on hegemony; Althusser on ideology; Horkheimer and Adorno on the culture industry; Raymond Williams on Marxist cultural theory; Habermas on the public sphere; McLuhan on media; Chomsky on propaganda; hooks and Mulvey on the subjects of visual pleasure and oppositional gazes
  • Features a substantial critical introduction, short section introductions and full bibliographic citations