Learning and Memory

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Learning and Memory

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Författare: Mark A. Gluck; Eduardo Mercado; Catherine E. Myers
E-bok ISBN: 9781319322311
ISBN: 9781319322311
Språk: English
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With real-world examples, fascinating applications and clear explanations, this textbook helps uninitiated students understand the basic ideas and human impact of groundbreaking learning and memory research.  Its unique organization into three sections—Behavioral Processes, Brain Substrates, and Clinical Perspectives—allows students to make connections across chapters while giving instructors the flexibility to easily assign the material that matches their course. The new edition again offers the book’s signature inclusion of human and animal studies with an engaging full-colour design and images. You’ll find even more meaningful real-life examples; new coverage of learning and memory research and brain-imaging; an expanded discussion of the role of genetics in producing individual differences; new material on the role of sleep in memory, and more.