Key Concepts in Childhood Studies

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Key Concepts in Childhood Studies

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Författare: Allison James; Adrian James
E-bok ISBN: 9781446289679
ISBN: 9781446201909
Språk: English
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"Arranged alphabetically, core ideas about ′Agency′ and ′Development′ through to ′Socialisation′ and ′Youth′ are explained in straightforward language, with a concise introduction to key theoretical debates, as well as up to date references." - Martin Woodhead, The Open University "A challenging text that is recommended for all levels of the BA in Childhood Studies programme. The short, focussed chapters provide students with a comprehensive overview of a topic which they can then research in further depth." - Sharron Galley, Centre for Childhood Studies, Stockport College "This book gives a fantastic first look at many key concepts which are new to students in a way that is easily approachable and understandable. A great place to start further studies." - Kathryn Peckham, Chichester University This book has already proved itself as a market leader in Childhood Studies. All of the strengths of the First Edition have been retained. The book is comprehensive and judged with the needs of students in mind. It is a model of clarity and precision and has been acknowledged as such in reviews and course feedback. The new edition thoroughly revises old entries and adds new ones. The book is the most accessible, relevant student introduction to this expanding, interdisciplinary field. It is an indispensable teaching text and an ideal prompt for researchers.