Judgment and Decision-Making

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Judgment and Decision-Making

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Författare: Nancy S. Kim
E-bok ISBN: 9781137269560
ISBN: 9781137269560
Språk: English
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How do we make the judgments that inform our lives? Is there any way of consciously removing bias from the choices we make? What do our everyday personal decisions have in common with those made by groups, companies, and even nations? In this innovative textbook, Nancy Kim presents a multidisciplinary introduction to the dynamic field of judgment and decision-making. Throughout the book, insights from traditional cognitive approaches are combined with findings from fields as diverse as neuropsychology, behavioural economics, social, developmental and clinical psychology, and philosophy. It is an essential companion to any student taking a first course in judgement and decision-making, or a general survey course in cognitive psychology. Judgment and Decision-Making: Covers an enormous breadth of material in a rigorous and thoughtful manner, remaining accessible without over-simplifying the field Surveys both classic and contemporary research and builds beyond findings from laboratory settings to emphasise real-world application of theory in many different contexts Features learning goals, suggested readings, questions for discussion and detailed walk-throughs of example problems to show how students can apply theory to their own homework, classwork or research