ISE Ebook Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

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ISE Ebook Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

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Författare: Richard Brealey; Stewart Myers; Alan Marcus
E-bok ISBN: 9781260570212
ISBN: 9781260566093
Språk: English
Upplaga: 10

Brealey, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 10e, is an introduction to corporate finance and focuses on how companies invest in real assets, how they raise the money to pay for the investments, and how those assets ultimately affect the value of the firm. It also provides a broad overview of the financial landscape. The book offers a framework for systematically thinking about most of the important financial problems that both firms and individuals are likely to confront. Fundamentals is organized around the key concepts of modern finance. These concepts, properly explained, simplify the subject. They are also practical. The tools of financial management are easier to grasp and use effectively when presented in a consistent conceptual framework. This text provides that framework.