Introduction to Management

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Introduction to Management

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Författare: Colin Combe
E-bok ISBN: 9780192522290
ISBN: 9780199642991
Språk: English
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This brand new textbook covers all of the core topics found on Introduction to Management modules, and the author's clear, accessible writing style guides students through the world of management. The book also goes a step further to encourage students to develop a critical mindset and think about academic debates around the subject. Innovative Skillsets linked to each substantive chapter integrate practical skills with the topics. Skills such as time management, critical analysis, referencing, personal development planning and reviewing literature are included. Clear, step-by-step guidance helps students develop each skill, understand why it is important, and see how the topic is relevant to practical applications in the real world of business. A truly international range of case studies broadens students' horizons and encourages them to look beyond the standard examples from the UK and America. Emerging markets are becoming ever more important in the rapidly changing business environment, a fact reflected by the inclusion of case studies from the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. An Online Resource Centre accompanies the textbook, and includes: For students: Multiple choice questions Suggested answers for the exercises and discussion points. Flashcard glossary. Web links. For registered adopters: Test Bank of exercises. Library of video links, with teaching notes and cross-references to the textbook. Fully integrated and customisable PowerPoint slides.