Introduction to Global Studies

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Introduction to Global Studies

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Författare: John McCormick
E-bok ISBN: 9781352004007
ISBN: 9781352003994
Språk: English
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This textbook provides a multidisciplinary introduction to global and international studies. Offering unrivalled breadth and depth, it covers all the key dimensions of the topic, including broad introductions to international politics and economics, and focused surveys of topics from human rights and migration to conflict and the environment. John McCormick's lucid writing style renders complex information understandable to all students. Full-colour photographs, maps, tables and figures bring the subject to life and innovative pedagogical features emphasize the importance of understanding perspectives and experiences different from one's own worldview. Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, this textbook is ideal for undergraduate students worldwide who are taking introductory modules in global and international studies. The text can also be used by undergraduate students taking courses on globalization.