Global Political Economy

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Global Political Economy

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Författare: Robert O'Brien; Marc Williams
E-bok ISBN: 9781352009514
ISBN: 9781352009682
Språk: English
Upplaga: 6

Offering an accessible introduction to both the historical roots and the contemporary dynamics of today's world economy, the extensively revised sixth edition of this bestselling textbook continues to lead the way in equipping students with the knowledge required to make sense of the fast-paced discipline of Global Political Economy. Illustrating the breadth of the subject, the book's authors – both highly regarded experts in the field – show how the national and international interact, while also placing an emphasis on the historical evolution of the world economy in order to appreciate the nuances of today's economic structures. The global economy is traced from the Industrial Revolution through each phase of a shifting world order to the modern day. Then follows an engaging exploration of the dynamics of today's economy, including: trade, production, finance, labour, gender, development, the environment, security and governance. This takes into account the latest developments in the global economy, from automation and the challenges posed to the labour force, to artificial intelligence and the increasing complex, global supply chains of modern transnational firms. This is the most authoritative and accessible textbook on global political economy, making it the ideal companion for students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, on politics, international relations and related degrees. New to this Edition: - Extensively updated to feature the latest empirical developments, including rising economic nationalism, US trade wars with China, and populism. - Brand new boxed features illustrate the latest dynamics, including the impact of digital technologies, artificial intelligence and automation, and the growth and consequences of increasing inequality. - Greater coverage of the sustained threats to the liberal international order and likely future scenarios.