Geothermal Well Test Analysis

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Geothermal Well Test Analysis

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Författare: Sadiq J. Zarrouk; Katie McLean
E-bok ISBN: 9780128149478
ISBN: 9780128192665
Språk: English
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Utgivningsår: 2019

Geothermal Well Test Analysis: Fundamentals, Applications and Advanced Techniques provides a comprehensive review of the geothermal pressure transient analysis methodology and its similarities and differences with petroleum and groundwater well test analysis. Also discussed are the different tests undertaken in geothermal wells during completion testing, output/production testing, and the interpretation of data. In addition, the book focuses on pressure transient analysis by numerical simulation and inverse methods, also covering the familiar pressure derivative plot. Finally, non-standard geothermal pressure transient behaviors are analyzed and interpreted by numerical techniques for cases beyond the limit of existing analytical techniques.

  • Provides a guide on the analysis of well test data in geothermal wells, including pressure transient analysis, completion testing and output testing
  • Presents practical information on how to avoid common issues with data collection in geothermal wells
  • Uses SI units, converting existing equations and models found in literature to this unit system instead of oilfield units