Foundation Mathematics for Biosciences

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Foundation Mathematics for Biosciences

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Författare: Jackie Willis; Ela Bryson
E-bok ISBN: 9781292125596
ISBN: 9780273774587
Språk: English
Upplaga: 1
Utgivningsår: 2016

Foundation Mathematics for Biosciences provides an accessible and clear introduction to mathematical skills for students of the biosciences. The book chapters cover key topic areas and their associated techniques, thereby presenting the maths in context.
A student focused pedagogical approach will help students build their confidence, develop their understanding and learn how to apply mathematical techniques within their studies. Students will be able to use the book as a resource to complement their theory-based textbooks and to prepare themselves for practical classes, tutorials and research projects.

Key features
The book progresses in a logical manner, opening with fundamental problems and then building to more complex calculations aligned to different disciplines in the biosciences.
• Worked examples with detailed solutions provide step-by-step guidance through each calculation to help students build their practical skills.
• Important rules and key points are highlighted in text boxes to help students consolidate their understanding of techniques and theory.
• Illustrations provide insight into what students are likely to encounter in the laboratory.
• Self-assessment questions are provided throughout to enable students to manage their learning and track their progress.
• Learning objectives and key terms also help students to monitor their study.

Suitable for students on courses from the pure end of the spectrum to more applied courses such as biomedical sciences, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and forensics.

Dr Ela Bryson is Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at the School of Life and Medical Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire
Dr Jackie Willis is Associate Dean of the School of Life and Medical Sciences at the University if Hertfordshire

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