Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention

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Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention

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E-bok ISBN: 9780128025499
ISBN: 9780128023099
Språk: English
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Utgivningsår: 2016

Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention is the first scientific reference that addresses the properties of fermented foods in nutrition by examining their underlying microbiology, the specific characteristics of a wide variety of fermented foods, and their effects in health and disease. The current awareness of the link between diet and health drives growth in the industry, opening new commercial opportunities.

Coverage in the book includes the role of microorganisms that are involved in the fermentation of bioactive and potentially toxic compounds, their contribution to health-promoting properties, and the safety of traditional fermented foods. Authored by worldwide scientists and researchers, this book provides the food industry with new insights on the development of value-added fermented foods products, while also presenting nutritionists and dieticians with a useful resource to help them develop strategies to assist in the prevention of disease or to slow its onset and severity.

  • Provides a comprehensive review on current findings in the functional properties and safety of traditional fermented foods and their impact on health and disease prevention
  • Identifies bioactive microorganisms and components in traditional fermented food
  • Includes focused key facts, helpful glossaries, and summary points for each chapter
  • Presents food processors and product developers with opportunities for the development of fermented food products
  • Helps readers develop strategies that will assist in preventing or slowing disease onset and severity