Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis

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Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis

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Författare: Knut Sydsaeter; Peter Hammond; Arne Strom; Andrés Carvajal
E-bok ISBN: 9781292074658
ISBN: 9781292074610
Språk: English
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Fifth Edition

An extensive introduction to all the mathematical tools an economist needs is provided in this worldwide bestseller.

“The scope of the book is to be applauded” Dr Michael Reynolds, University of Bradford

“Excellent book on calculus with several economic applications” Mauro Bambi, University of York

New to this edition:

  • The introductory chapters have been restructured to more logically fit with teaching.
  • Several new exercises have been introduced, as well as fuller solutions to existing ones.
  • More coverage of the history of mathematical and economic ideas has been added, as well as of the scientists who developed them.
  • New example based on the 2014 UK reform of housing taxation illustrating how a discontinuous function can have significant economic consequences.
  • The associated material in MyMathLab has been expanded and improved.

Knut Sydsaeter was Emeritus Professor of Mathematics in the Economics Department at the University of Oslo, where he had taught mathematics for economists for over 45 years.

Peter Hammond is currently a Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick, where he moved in 2007 after becoming an Emeritus Professor at Stanford University. He has taught mathematics for economists at both universities, as well as at the Universities of Oxford and Essex.

Arne Strom is Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Oslo and has extensive experience in teaching mathematics for economists in the Department of Economics there.

Andrés Carvajal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at University of California, Davis.