Embedded DSP Processor Design: Application Specific Instruction Set Processors

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Embedded DSP Processor Design: Application Specific Instruction Set Processors

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Författare: Liu, Dake
E-bok ISBN: 9780123741233
ISBN: 9780123741233
Språk: English
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Utgivningsår: 2008

This book provides design methods for Digital Signal Processors and Application Specific Instruction set Processors, based on the author's extensive, industrial design experience. Top-down and bottom-up design methodologies are presented, providing valuable guidance for both students and practicing design engineers.

Coverage includes design of internal-external data types, application specific instruction sets, micro architectures, including designs for datapath and control path, as well as memory sub systems. Integration and verification of a DSP-ASIP processor are discussed and reinforced with extensive examples.

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* Instruction set design for application specific processors based on fast application profiling
* Micro architecture design methodology
* Micro architecture design details based on real examples
* Extendable architecture design protocols
* Design for efficient memory sub systems (minimizing on chip memory and cost)
* Real example designs based on extensive, industrial experiences