EBOOK: Introduction to Financial Accounting, 9e

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EBOOK: Introduction to Financial Accounting, 9e

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Författare: Andrew Thomas; Anne Marie Ward
E-bok ISBN: 9781526847072
ISBN: 9781526803009
Språk: English
Upplaga: 9

Introduction to Financial Accounting is a marketleading textbook that offers comprehensive coverage of all the fundamental accounting techniques and practices required by the major accountancy bodies, and explains the reasons why transactions are accounted for in a particular manner. The authors provide stimulating discussion that enables students to think strategically about the influence that accounting has on economic decisionmaking and its impact on wider society. For students undertaking a degree in accounting or business studies, this ninth edition has been fully revised and updated to the latest accounting standards. It provides a contemporary approach whilst retaining its highly valued concise, studentfriendly chapters and practical content. This essential resource is packed with real world examples, worked examples and exercises to keep students engaged and to aid understanding of complex accounting theory.