Corrosion Atlas

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Corrosion Atlas

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E-bok ISBN: 9780128185551
ISBN: 9780444642691
Språk: English
Upplaga: 3
Utgivningsår: 2018

Corrosion Atlas: A Collection of Illustrated Case Studies, Third Edition includes 679 case histories divided over 135 materials in 13 material groups, 25 systems (installations) and 44 different phenomena. It is an essential reference work on the design, fabrication, operation and maintenance of the extremely varied and often very complicated systems and machinery used in today's technology. Case histories, with cross-references and indexes, make this book a critical resource in the solution of many corrosion problems. In addition, it brings team members closer by presenting a common language for all parties. Finally, the book serves as an important educational aid for self-study.

Because of its unique, extensive, clear and beautifully produced material, the book presents a much closer link between education and the practice of corrosion prevention and control.

  • Presents real life problems and describes materials, systems, parts, types, environments, causes and remedies
  • Helps improve accuracy and speed of corrosion analyses
  • Includes Information that is systematically organized for speedy look-up and ease of use
  • Provides superb quality of visual information that gives the clues vital for analyzing problems