Content Analysis

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Content Analysis

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Författare: Klaus Krippendorff
E-bok ISBN: 9781506395654
ISBN: 9781506395661
Språk: English
Upplaga: 4

What matters in people’s social lives? What motivates and inspires our society? How do we enact what we know? Since the first edition published in 1980, Content Analysis has helped shape and define the field. In the highly anticipated Fourth Edition, award-winning scholar and author Klaus Krippendorff introduces you to the most current method of analyzing the textual fabric of contemporary society. Students and scholars will learn to treat data not as physical events but as communications that are created and disseminated to be seen, read, interpreted, enacted, and reflected upon according to the meanings they have for their recipients. Interpreting communications as texts in the contexts of their social uses distinguishes content analysis from other empirical methods of inquiry. Organized into three parts, Content Analysis first examines the conceptual aspects of content analysis, then discusses components such as unitizing and sampling, and concludes by showing readers how to trace the analytical paths and apply evaluative techniques. The Fourth Edition has been completely revised to offer you the most current techniques and research on content analysis, including new information on reliability and social media. You will also gain practical advice and experience for teaching academic and commercial researchers how to conduct content analysis.   

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