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Författare: PAUL GORE; Wade Leuwerke
E-bok ISBN: 9781319248192
ISBN: 9781319248192
Språk: English
Upplaga: 2

Connections is an innovative program, built from the ground up with a growth-mindset approach to college and career success. Written by counseling psychologists, Connections shows students from day one how to be learners, whose mindset, drive, and strengths will help them meet any challenge on their way to college, personal, and career success. The expertly designed program is firmly rooted in the most current research in positive psychology, using self-reflection as a tool for goal-setting; goal-setting as a tool for imagining one's potential; and imagining one's potential as the motivation for realizing it. Connections puts students at the center of their own personalized learning path, facilitates their purposeful choice of an academic and career plan, and develops all the skills they need--cognitive and non-cognitive, academic and life--to foster their self-growth and success. This is an ideal text for first-year experience courses, freshman seminar courses and modules on Personal Development and Employability. Connections is available with LaunchPad. LaunchPad combines an interactive ebook with high-quality multimedia content and ready-made assessment options, including ACES (the Academic and Career Excellence System) student self-assessment. See ‘Instructor Resources’ and ‘Student Resources’ for further information.