Business Statistics PDF ebook, Global Edition

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Business Statistics PDF ebook, Global Edition

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Författare: Norean R. Sharpe; Richard D. De Veaux; Paul Velleman
E-bok ISBN: 9781292058719
ISBN: 9781292058696
Språk: English
Upplaga: 3

The full text downloaded to your computer With eBooks you can: search for key concepts, words and phrases make highlights and notes as you study share your notes with friends eBooks are downloaded to your computer and accessible either offline through the Bookshelf (available as a free download), available online and also via the iPad and Android apps. Upon purchase, you will receive via email the code and instructions on how to access this product. Time limit The eBooks products do not have an expiry date. You will continue to access your digital ebook products whilst you have your Bookshelf installed. For courses in Business Statistics Business Statistics, 3rd Edition, by Sharpe, De Veaux, and Velleman, narrows the gap between theory and practice–relevant statistical methods empower business students to make effective, data-informed decisions. With their unique blend of teaching, consulting, and entrepreneurial experiences, this dynamic author team brings a modern edge to teaching statistics to business students. Focusing on statistics in the context of real business issues, with an emphasis on analysis and understanding over computation, the text helps students be analytical, prepares them to make better business decisions, and shows them how to effectively communicate results. This program provides a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. Here’s how: Grounded in modern business, this text provides a real-world context for statistical concepts, preparing students to be successful in the business world. Practice and support: Study tools throughout the text prepare students to analyse and interpret data. Integrated technology: Optional coverage helps students use real statistics software NEW! Improved organisation and a streamlined design make the text more accessible than ever.