Biology: How Life Works

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Biology: How Life Works

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Författare: James Morris; Elena Lozovsky; Jean Heitz; John Merrill; Randall Phillis; Debra Pires; Daniel Hartl;
E-bok ISBN: 9781319248055
ISBN: 9781319248048
Språk: English
Upplaga: 3

Connected resources to help students connect How Life Works Biology: How Life Works has been a revolutionary force for both instructors and students in the majors biology course. It was the first truly comprehensive set of integrated tools for introductory biology, seamlessly incorporating powerful text, media, and assessment to create the best pedagogical experience for students. The already impressive visual program has been greatly improved and expanded. The powerful Visual Synthesis tools have been reimagined, allowing for more flexibility for both students and instructors. A new Tour Mode allows for learning objective-driven tours of the material and deep linking from the eText allow the student to jump straight from the text into a rich visual representation of the content. Instructors can also create customized tours to use for engaging in-class presentations. And finally, new animations have been added to the library, including a new 3D animation to support the animal physiology content. Achieve is the new online companion to How Life Works that includes a comprehensive set of interconnected teaching and assessment tools. It incorporates the most effective elements from Macmillan’s market-leading solutions – including Sapling, LaunchPad, iClicker and others - in a single, easy to use platform.