Anti-Racist Social Work

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Anti-Racist Social Work

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Författare: Lena Dominelli
E-bok ISBN: 9781137534200
ISBN: 9781137534194
Språk: English
Upplaga: 4

Fully revised and updated throughout, this fourth edition of Lena Dominelli's influential book retains its reputation as the go-to text on anti-racist social work practice. As racism continues to present a problem in contemporary society: the growth of the Far Right, the rise of Islamophobia and the victory of the Brexit camp in the EU referendum, the need to address racist attitudes and behaviour that affect diverse groups of people in the UK remains an urgent one. A truly classic text, Anti-Racist Social Work has been providing students and practitioners with a comprehensive guide to the debates and practices on racism in contemporary society since 1988.  New to this Edition: - Includes a brand new chapter on 'Social Work Across Borders' - Incorporates discussion of recent events and developments to encourage critical thinking and analyses their effect on practice - Offers examples from across the globe at both micro and macro level