A History of World Societies, Volume 2

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A History of World Societies, Volume 2

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Författare: Merry E Wiesner-Hanks; Patricia B Ebrey; Roger B Beck; Jerry Davila; Clare Haru Crowston; John P McK
E-bok ISBN: 9781319318758
ISBN: 9781319318758
Språk: English
Upplaga: 11

A regional and global approach to world history that highlights society and culture Long praised by instructors and students for its accessible regional chapter structure, readability, and sustained attention to social history, the Eleventh Edition of A History of World Societies includes even more features and tools to engage today's students and save instructors time. This edition includes more help with historical thinking skills, an expanded primary source program in print and online, and the best and latest scholarship throughout The book can be purchased with the breakthrough online resource, LaunchPad, which combines an e-book with a wealth of time-saving teaching and learning tools. LaunchPad comes with LearningCurve, an adaptive and automatically graded learning tool that ensures students come to class prepared. Volume 2 includes Chapters 16-33