A History of the United States

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A History of the United States

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Författare: Philip Jenkins
E-bok ISBN: 9781137573551
ISBN: 9781137573537
Språk: English
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This textbook offers an insightful, introductory overview of the history of American society from its inception right up to present day. With coverage starting at the European Settlement in 1492 right through to the 2016 Presidential Election, this fully revised new edition succinctly depicts the major themes and patterns of American history, thus providing a solid foundation for those wishing to expand their knowledge through further reading or research. Written by a leading scholar in the field of History, the author provides a clear analysis of the various facets of American life, incorporating social, economic, cultural, religious and political history. A definitive introduction to American history, this textbook is essential reading for any student looking to gain a better understanding of the evolution of this great nation. New to this Edition: - Fresh material on technological change, sport, and themes of prosperity, consumerism and leisure - A thoroughly updated chapter on contemporary America to include issues such as Black Lives Matter, the legalisation of gay marriage, and the 2016 Presidential Election