Surgical Instrumentation

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Surgical Instrumentation

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Författare: Nancymarie Phillips
E-bok ISBN: 9781337517362
ISBN: 9781337679367
Språk: English
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Build unstoppable confidence in any operating room! A favorite for its logical format and clear tone of voice, SURGICAL INSTRUMENTATION, 2nd Edition delivers hundreds of full-color instrument photographs in exacting detail to help readers streamline surgical instrument sets and make busy operating rooms hum. Organized by function and surgery type, instruments are presented individually, in collections, and dissembled with close-up views of key parts to help readers identify them with easy confidence. Chapters also walk readers through everything they need to know about instruments in the OR, such as their common functions, how to evaluate and reshape instrument sets for a specific team, and proper cleaning and disinfection protocols, fueling the audacious spirit behind those who make a difference in surgical careers.
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