Second hand books

Sell ​​your old course literature easily through us!

We apply commission sales, which means that the submitter gets paid when the book is sold. The submitter's commission on the book is set according to its condition (see below). The price of the book will be the remuneration of the submitter plus the bookstore's commission incl. VAT. Bokab's commission is 22%. If the book has a new price of 300 SEK and is in new condition, the submitter will receive 300 SEK x 0.60 = 180 SEK. The customer will pay SEK 180 + SEK 51 = SEK 231.


Price ranges % of the new price
Mint conditionBook in mint condition60%
PassedThe book is chipped and / or has few highlights50%
TornThe book is really chipped and / or has a lot highlights40%
Older ed.Not current edition40%



We only accept books that are being used at LiU right now, and the current edition as well as one edition older that the newest one. The customer gives Bokab exclusive right to sell the customer's books for two months. If the customer wants to cancel the assignment within two months, a fee of SEK 30 / book is charged.

The customer has the right to pick up unsold books after two months and after twelve months you either have to come and get it, or if you do not want it, we take over ownership.


When a book has been sold, the customer is contacted by e-mail stating that there is a payment to be received from Bokab. Card payment in store is free of charge.

If the customer is not able to come to the store, payment can be made to the Swedish account for a fee of SEK 25 and SEK 150 for an International transfer.

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