On Skärtordag, April 9, the store in Kårallen closes at 15:15. We are closed during April 10-13. Opens again at 9am on April 14.

About us

BokAB is owned by LinTek - Linköpings teknologkår and is the student-owned booksstore at Linköping University, and since its inception in 1971, we have been helping students with course literature!

Visit our stores for personal and professional help in finding the right books for your course. We cooperate with all major Swedish and international publishers and can deliver their entire range.

We have our main store in Kårallen on campus Valla and a temporary shop in Täppan on the Norrköping campus, which is open at the course starts. See the opening hours for both stores below.

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Used books

Campus Valla

Linköpings universitet

Mån - Ons 10.00 - 14:00


Campus Norrköping

Linköpings universitet

Öppnar igen till höstterminen 2020


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