Researching Conflict, Drama and Learning

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Researching Conflict, Drama and Learning

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Författare: John O'Toole; Dale Bagshaw; Bruce Burton; Anita Grünbaum; Margret Lepp; Morag Morrison; Janet Pillai
E-bok ISBN: 9789811359163
ISBN: 9789811359156
Språk: English
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This book offers a comprehensive and critical guide to research and practice in the field of arts education and conflict management. The DRACON project explores the relationship between drama and conflict transformation. This international, interdisciplinary and comparative action research project, begun in 1996, is aimed at improving conflict management and transformation among adolescent school students using the medium of educational drama. The book reports on the underpinning principles, and on action research practice in Malaysia, Sweden and Australia. The strategies and techniques, which were revolutionary when first introduced, are now tried and tested. The book chronicles the history, successes, opportunities and challenges of the original 10-year project, and brings the story up to date by highlighting some of its many legacies and resulting influences around the world.  This book will benefit researchers, academics and graduate students in Education, the Social Sciences, Dispute Resolution and the Performing Arts.