EBOOK: Foundations of Marketing, 6e

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EBOOK: Foundations of Marketing, 6e

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Författare: John Fahy; David Jobber
E-bok ISBN: 9781526847355
ISBN: 9781526847348
Språk: English
Upplaga: 6

Valued by instructors and students alike, Foundations of Marketing presents an accessible introduction to Marketing. Packed with examples and end of chapter case studies highlighting the real world application of marketing concepts, this fully updated Sixth Edition features digital marketing integrated throughout the chapters as well as a dedicate chapter on marketing planning and strategy. Discover: How marketing adds value to customers and organizations How innovative brand positioning drives commercial success How new digital marketing communication techniques are being used by companies to drive their brand awareness and engagement, as well as customer retention and conversion levels How marketing planning and strategy gives direction to an organization’s marketing effort and co-ordinates its activities. Key features: Marketing Spotlights showcase the marketing innovations of brands including Adidas, Crayola, Samsung and KFC. Marketing in Action boxes offer varied examples of real companies’ campaigns in the UK, Scandinavia, The Netherlands and internationally. Critical Marketing Perspective boxes encourage critical thinking of ethical debates to stimulate student discussion about socially responsible practice and encourage critical analysis of these issues. 12 brand new end of chapter Case Studies including Fjallraven, Primark, Uber and BrewDog give in-depth analysis of companies’ marketing strategies, with dedicated questions to provoke student enquiry. Marketing Showcase videos feature interviews with business leaders and marketing professionals, offering insights into how different organisations have successfully harnessed the elements of the marketing mix.